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Sarah Orchard - Cottage Garden in Surrey

We're busy people and never have as much time for gardening as we'd like. We have many herbaceous borders in our garden and weeds and slugs were a constant problem till we discovered Strulch! It's really effective. Slug fest plants like Lupins and Delphiniums seem to benefit greatly :-) Not sure my Hostas will be as lucky but it's worth trying! PS Think I need a top up this Spring as first beds I did about a year ago are more weedy this year but it's mainly Oxalis and I think that's a tricky weed to wipe out as it has little seeds/bulbs? Sure more expert gardeners will correct me!

Philip A Rigby

In simple terms - it's just bloody brilliant !

Liz Rentzsch Garden Design

I am completely converted to strulch ! I use on clients beds and borders and it really is great for top dressing pots. Big plus it’s light to carry and use. Great for a mulch around Roses too.

Penny Carey

Our rear garden is slightly bigger than a tennis court with 8 or so beds filled with a mixture of shrubs and perennials. We bought 25 large bags of Strulch last year and covered every bed. It was so easy to use and is still going strong over a year later. A big big plus for us was that the dogs could walk all over it and didn't come in with muddy paws,as they would have done if we had used compost. I've just ordered another 12 bags for the front. I am a total fan!!

Claire White

Strulch really is a wonder product ! . I have recommended it to all my gardening friends. Hope the orders rush in ..... Claire, Devon

Simon Thompson

We have been using Strulch on our Stockport planting borders for the past 2 years and we love it. Easy to distribute and great coverage. Lay it down let it get wet and it will mat together. Brilliant natural thoroughly weed suppressing and repellant to slugs and snails we now get far fewer. No more nighttimes with the salt pot. Looks great too. Birds like it presumably for nesting. Think its insect friendly. Love it.


I went on a course at David Austin and they told us about Strulch. I thought I would give it a go, and I must say that in a gardening sense this is a lifesaving product! It is light weight, easy to use and the minute it went on my garden the plants seemed to respond. So many people have commented on how good the garden looks. I used to have to take a whole week off work in the spring just to get on top of the weeds but this product appears to have all but solved that. It is brilliant stuff and not expensive. I recommended it to a colleague and we are both Strulch converts. :)


Had my doubts whether this would stay put as it's very light but was proved wrong. Easy to use and looks good. No idea if birds would root around in it as they do bark chipping as we live on a brand new housing estate and have yet to see a bird! The only downside is the dog who likes to do a border patrol round the garden and collects bits on her feet and bodybwhich then gradually disperse around the house.

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