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Sarah Orchard - Cottage Garden in Surrey

We're busy people and never have as much time for gardening as we'd like. We have many herbaceous borders in our garden and weeds and slugs were a constant problem till we discovered Strulch! It's really effective. Slug fest plants like Lupins and Delphiniums seem to benefit greatly :-) Not sure my Hostas will be as lucky but it's worth trying! PS Think I need a top up this Spring as first beds I did about a year ago are more weedy this year but it's mainly Oxalis and I think that's a tricky weed to wipe out as it has little seeds/bulbs? Sure more expert gardeners will correct me!

Dr David Beckly

Dear Jackie Lots of hedgehogs in our garden! Best wishes David

Jackie and Richard Allen

We saw this little hedgehog on our walk round the block last night. Also have them in our garden. We have Strulch all over our flowerbeds and it has kept all the weeds at bay, brilliant stuff.

Kevin Warren

Hello Jackie, Thank you for your email, Yes I do have a hedgehog highway in and out of my garden with 3 nesting boxes and 4 feeding stations, which have been in use since Nov 2019 and are still in use, I usually order a whole or half pallet of Strulch, but this year it will be later in the autumn / winter when I get organised to order it.

Jon Segar

Little video that proves that you can vac leaves off Strulch and leave the Strulch behind. Best Wishes…Jon

Mary Barnes

This picture shows a new bed created in May after thick undergrowth consisting of blackthorn and scrub had been removed , covered in Strulch and planted out with semi exotic perennials and annuals. This is the view three months later. We’re really pleased with the results we get with Strulch as it discourages slugs and snails and really helps to keep weeds at bay. But best of all the plants throughout the garden are in such good condition as they’re being fed as well. We’re telling all our gardening friends to use it. Now please can your husband invent a product that will stop moles from ruining the lawn!

Beth Jones

I used Strulch for the first time this spring. I’ve got large new borders and a veggie garden, I thought as a test I’d use Strulch on the borders and continue with Nematodes in the veggie garden. I’ve spent a comparable amount of money on both and the Strulch has performed amazingly well - I’ve hardly had to weed or water. The garden birds love scratching about in it for insects, my cats love sleeping on it and it looks good, very natural. I’ve grown Hostas, Dahlias and a lot of other perennials without any slug damage. Nematodes on the other hand have performed badly, compared to Strulch. I think they are less environmentally friendly because of the vast amount of water needed to apply them and then also keep the area damp for 2 weeks after. This makes them labour intensive and guess what? I still have slugs eating all my lovely veg. So, I’ve decided to buy more Strulch this year for the veggie garden, I might apply a dose of Nematodes in the Spring but only one dose under the Strulch. I bet the results will be much better. If you haven’t bought any yet because you think it’s expensive, it’s the same price as treating a garden with Nematodes for a year but much more successful and environmentally friendly.

Iona Maclean

Wonderful stuff! I have applied Strulch to a border that runs down the side of my house which is on full view to my neighbours. It has instantly smartened up the entire space and has brought a rich top colour to the soil which can be a very boring grey due to the clay/chalk combination we have here in Hampshire. Hoping Strulch will add some good structure to the soil over time too for the same reason.

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