Save Water

Strulch mulch around lupins saving water

Reduced Watering

Mulching is widely recommended as good gardening practice.

It reduces water loss from evaporation especially during summer periods.

Strulch has a low capacity to hold water, allowing rainfall to soak through to the soil.

Benefits of mulching

Fritillaria with Strulch

Mulching with Strulch is good gardening practice because it provides a protective covering for the soil. Strulch assists in the retention of soil moisture so that nutrients are more easily absorbed by plant roots and also protect roots from heat stress.

Strulch reduces the need for watering in dry periods and suppresses weed growth. Plants are stronger and healthier as a result and you don’t need to spend as much time watering or weeding. What’s more your garden can grow beautifully without the need to water whilst your neighbours suffer in the drought!