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Strulch is a great product
I started to use strulch last year, purchasing a total of 12 bags (so far) from Crocus, which I've used in various areas of my garden borders and the raised beds where I grow fruit and vegetables.

I have been particularly pleased with strulch as a mulch and protection around strawberries: weed suppression was excellent and slug damage was negligible.

An additional bonus seems to have been in how the runners I pegged down in early August have rooted through the strulch. Although I can only compare the results from memory, I am convinced that I have just transplanted the strongest batch of newly rooted runners in 30 years of growing strawberries!
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Brilliant stuff and not expensive
I went on a course at David Austin and they told us about Strulch. I thought I would give it a go, and I must say that in a gardening sense this is a lifesaving product! It is light weight, easy to use and the minute it went on my garden the plants seemed to respond. So many people have commented on how good the garden looks. I used to have to take a whole week off work in the spring just to get on top of the weeds but this product appears to have all but solved that. It is brilliant stuff and not expensive. I recommended it to a colleague and we are both Strulch converts. :)
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Easy to spread
Morning, following the article in The English Garden magazine where Strulch came out top in a mulch test I have been determined to mulch with it this autumn and my delivery arrived yesterday and I am going to start some parts today. I already love the weight of the product as I have a dodgy back and that is a bonus. I have a very tiny garden full to the brim and only 2 years in the making but I am opening to the public next year under the NGS scheme so I am hoping you and the RHS plus others that love are right in your faith and here goes. .......Started to spread the Strulch and 1st thoughts are easy so very easy !! and it is spreading so far even with a thick layer, also good around smaller plants that have just been put in, and very good on my back which for a gardener with problems is fairly crucial. I will post some pictures soon.
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Alnwick garden
As a stockist of Strulch I was interested to see Alnwick garden's use of it, back in March. Some borders had just been freshly mulched (see photo). The head gardener says their slug susceptible plants do really well and is a prime reason for using it. They use it in the ornamental garden. A good recommendation to pass onto clients!
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Great product!
We Strulched our garden last year and the difference it has made in suppressing weeds is huge. It also makes the garden look neat, tidy and cared for. Can highly recommend.
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Well worth the money
I would thoroughly recommend using Strulch which I have been using for about 4 years. I weed the bed well prior to planting and water the plants in well. I then use a covering of about 4 inches of Strulch over the soil. It has saved me hours of weeding. Instead of having to spend a lot of time weeding, I only have to pull out an occasional one. Slugs and snails avoid the area and there is little need for watering. As well as using it on flower beds, it has been great around strawberries. It is well worth the money and friends and neighbours are starting to use it, too.
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Attractive and works!
Wonderful product. Easy to use and attractive and REALLY works- any weeds are easy to remove and most are suppressed, None of my hostas or other slug/snail sensitive plants have been eaten yet and the garden looks lovely. I weeded today and it took a few minutes t do a huge bed and that was mainly growing in from the untamed lawn- my husband's department! I agree it needs instant watering if it is windy to stop it blowing away- it doesn't blow away after first application though! Thank you
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Sheldrick's Elephant Orphanage
I want to tell you about this wonderful endeavour in Kenya. I was privileged to visit and learnt so much about these noble creatures. The handlers care is absolutely astonishing as they nurture physically and mentally damaged animals back to health.The elephants look deep into your soul; they need all of our help. Truly inspiring - donate if you can. Visit if you can - even better!! You leave a different person
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Great for improving seriously chalky soil
We live on the edge of the Salisbury Plain and gardening on chalk is challenging. But using Strulch over the years has improved the soil a lot so it's much easier to work now. We open Beggars Knoll Chinese Garden for the NGS and are really looking forward to seeing visitors again this year!
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Friendly and efficient customer service
When we first moved into our property, nine years ago, we had a severe ground elder problem. We discovered strulch a few years ago and are delighted at the way in which it has not only almost eliminated weeding but also has improved the condition of the soil. The friendly and efficient customer service has been appreciated
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Easy to use
I can not praise your product highly enough . Took delivery of a pallet load a few weeks ago and all now distributed around our acre garden . Very impressed with light structure of Strulch enabling this ancient gardener to transport bags without help ! Strulch is so easy to use and definitely does everything it says it will . Stray perennial weeds are definitely weakened and we've had no slug damage to strawberries , delphiniums etc. Am also sure our camellias and other acid loving shrubs are the best ever . It is easy to walk over Strulch for planting . I am amazed it stays in place despite our Dartmoor winds !Have never been inspired to praise a garden product before but am recommending Strulch to all our friends and to our local Garden Centre .Will be ordering a further pallet soon !
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Tulips and Strulch
Once our tulips are planted we put a heavy layer of strulch over them. It not only makes the beds looked great but seems to discourage squirrels from digging them up.
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Fantastic Product Year after Year
I have lost count of the number of pallets of this wonderful product that my garden has quite happily accepted.
Fantastic at keeping moisture in (not often a problem in Scotland but dry spells do happen)
Nibble free Hostas year after year due to it being a recruit to the anti-slug army.
Attractive covering to the borders and beds, great in pots and a comfy duvet over the raised beds during winter.
I promote Strulch to well - anyone that will listen!
Thanks Team Strulch
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Floors Castle Kelso
Hi A few pictures of Strulch in use at Floors Castle Gardens. Pics here show our nuresry area and apple tree line in the Millennium garden. Once Strulch is applied we can be fairly confident that it will stay weed free. Yours Andrew Simmons Head Gardener
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Helped make the garden look a bit tidier!
A friend gave us a bag to try and it was out first time using Strulch. We used it around our upside down trees as it is difficult to weed underneath them. So far so good and it has really smartened up the area. Time to buy some more I think!
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Bloody brilliant
In simple terms - it's just bloody brilliant !
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