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Organic garden
As a wildlife friendly organic gardener I could not recommend Strulch more highly. When we open our garden for the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and other charities or in the presentations I give on organic wildlife - supportive gardening Strulch is the product I recommend most. It even beats Comfrey and any organic gardener knows how great that is. If there was anything in my garden I could not do without it's Strulch! Forget the slug pellets, backbreaking weeding, winter plant loss through low temperatures and lack of insulation and put away the hose. Use Strulch!
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Hob Green Gardens
Beautiful springtime Geum Rivale happily flowering in its cozy bed of Strulch. Thank you so much for your wonderful product - we use Strulch in all the beds here at Hob Green Gardens. It's reduced weeding massively. Hurrah!!
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A Garden in The Clacton Coastal Strip
I have a garden that is large and over ambitious for the amount of labour available. I find that Strulch saves a lot of weeding and keeps moisture in the soil. I live in the driest part of Britain on the Clacton Coastal Strip.. Sally Hepher
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Strulch is a great product
I started to use strulch last year, purchasing a total of 12 bags (so far) from Crocus, which I've used in various areas of my garden borders and the raised beds where I grow fruit and vegetables.

I have been particularly pleased with strulch as a mulch and protection around strawberries: weed suppression was excellent and slug damage was negligible.

An additional bonus seems to have been in how the runners I pegged down in early August have rooted through the strulch. Although I can only compare the results from memory, I am convinced that I have just transplanted the strongest batch of newly rooted runners in 30 years of growing strawberries!
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Strulch in a changing climate
Strulch is easy and pleasant to handle, stays in-situ even though we have a fairly exposed garden, looks attractive and is an effective weed suppressant. However, the key benefits are improved soil structure, a very healthy microbiome (with an increase in earthworms and other beneficial invertebrates) and improved resilience to changing rainfall patterns.

Here in Devon, we seem to be experiencing more intense winter rainfall whilst summers are marked by prolonged periods with little or no rainfall. The strulch acts as a very effective buffer, stopping the heavy winter rain compacting the soil surface and also moderating the percolation of water through the soil, preventing leaching of nutrients.

During periods of low rainfall, the strulch significantly reduces surface evaporation and allows what moisture is in the soil to remain accessible to plant roots.
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Great product!
We Strulched our garden last year and the difference it has made in suppressing weeds is huge. It also makes the garden look neat, tidy and cared for. Can highly recommend.
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Easy to distribute and great coverage
We have been using Strulch on our Stockport planting borders for the past 2 years and we love it. Easy to distribute and great coverage. Lay it down let it get wet and it will mat together. Brilliant natural thoroughly weed suppressing and repellant to slugs and snails we now get far fewer. No more nighttimes with the salt pot. Looks great too. Birds like it presumably for nesting. Think its insect friendly. Love it.
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No weeds
Have used Strulch for a few years now and I have not seen any slugs or snails in the garden. Best of all only the occasional weed. Thanks.
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Third order this year!
The plants love it, it looks and smells much better than other mulches I've tried, it deters slugs from eating my strawberries, and our six chickens adore it: they love to kick it up and dig through it, they eat it with relish and if I want to encourage them to go into a new area I just toss in a handful of Strulch and they are right in there after it. They even like to nest in it. And for me it is light enough to move around - with other mulches I have to get some big strong chap to come help with a wheelbarrow. I can even reuse the white bags around the garden, much prettier than black ones to line planters and easier to recycle.
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Helped make the garden look a bit tidier!
A friend gave us a bag to try and it was out first time using Strulch. We used it around our upside down trees as it is difficult to weed underneath them. So far so good and it has really smartened up the area. Time to buy some more I think!
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Saves me hours of weeding and watering
I have just put my garden to bed for the winter under a blanket of Strulch. This is the third year I have used this amazing product and it has saved me hours of weeding and watering. I used to struggle with heavy bags of horse manure or dig out my own leaf mould to spread (exhausting!) but Strulch is so light and easy to use. I use 20 bags a year and they are worth every penny. Many thanks for such a wonderful product.
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Growing potatoes with Strulch
This year we decided to try 'earthing up' our potatoes with Strulch. The potatoes were planted in the compost in our beds and then Strulch added on top as needed. When we came to harvest them the potatoes were easily retrieved by removing the Strulch with very little digging (as you can see in the photo). We had seen someone on the internet growing potatoes by laying the seed potatoes on the compost and then covering them with grass clippings, then just harvesting them by pulling them out of the grass! So, next year we will try just laying the potatoes on the compost and covering with Strulch - we should then be able to harvest without any digging! Once finished the Strulch can always be reused on your borders for that autumn mulch, so no waste.
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It’s Brilliant!
It's brilliant! The place where I haven't used Strulch weeds have come through and the tilth is not nearly as good. Strulch makes all the difference. Mary Ann Sutherland ( Norfolk)
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Lightweight and looks great
A very lightweight organic mulch that looks great and has dual purpose. We are really pleased and would recommend highly.
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Better than other mulches
We have used Strulch in all areas of our garden for a number of years and find it much better than any other type of mulch. We live in Northern Ireland where we get a lot of rain and found that moss grew on bark mulch. We don't have any such problem with Strulch. It is light to use but doesn't blow away. We use it round flowers , fruit and vegetables and even in pots. It cuts down on a lot of weeding. We would highly recommend it. R.McF.
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Ready to go
Most of the garden now strulched and ready to go. I first did it three years ago and it has been amazing at keeping the weeds down.
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