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What Expert Gardeners Say...

David Redmore

Director, Garden and Landscape Design

I am extremely pleased with the product’s ability to suppress weed growth and have noted an observable improvement in overall plant health and soil structure over a wide range of plants with successive applications

Alex Hankey

RHS Trials Team Leader

We have been using Strulch to mulch the large beds on the Trials Field at Wisley for many years, which is testament to its quality and durability. Not only does it have great decorative merit, but It also serves as a brilliant, long­ lasting weed suppressant. It is a light weight material, that is, very easy to spread and it compresses over time, so no worry about it blowing away. Overall, an excellent mulch investment

Trevor Jones

Head Gardener, The Alnwick Garden

The Alnwick Garden uses Strulch around our delphiniums and hostas to prevent slug damage. Strulch is also used to suppress weeds throughout our borders with great effect

Andrew Simmons

Head Gardener, Floors Castle, Kelso, Scotland.

Hi A few pictures of Strulch in use at Floors Castle Gardens. Pics here show our nuresry area and apple tree line in the Millennium garden. Once Strulch is applied we can be fairly confident that it will stay weed free. Yours Andrew Simmons

Chris Nichol

Head Gardener, Britwell Priors

Both I and Sir Anthony have been delighted with Strulch and I think we were one of your first customers in the South of England, hopefully we will be ordering for many years to come.

James Hooker

Head Gardener, Park House

The two most obvious benefits are weed control and moisture retention and we now use Strulch in all our herbaceous boarders, rose beds and shrub beds.

Sally Grundy

Re-estabished wall garden, Hertfordshire

Many congratulations! I bought a large amount of Strulch from you a couple of years ago when I was trying to establish a new Walled Garden, We have an old Mill House on the River Stort, just outside Hertford, and the site of the Walled Garden was the old horse yard, although the mill was demolished in 1902 and the yard was used as a builder’s dumping ground for many years before being planted with poplars and left to run wild for much of the last 50 years. I thought you might like to see how it has established itself in only 2 years, due in part I am sure to Strulch, as the ground was old and tired... please let me know how to order again, and I will make sure the garden is looking at its best this year too.

Chris Nichol

Head Gardener Britwell Priors

Congratulations on your awards, I thought you might like to see where some of your products are used. I use it on both the rose and herbaceous beds, this garden is on chalk which presents its own difficulties, so different from the gardens where I worked when I lived in Halifax and later near Doncaster. As this is a private garden it is never open to the public so there is no need to advertise it. Both I and Sir Anthony have been delighted with Strulch and I think we were one of your first customers in the South of England, hopefully we will be ordering for many years to come. All the best! From a highly satisfied customer.

Les Armstrong

Head Gardener Eaton Hall (Duke of Westminister Estate)

We are into our second season of using Strulch and we are extremely pleased with the product, very good weed suppressant, good moisture retention, this year we have used it around fruit trees, this has worked well as a cushion for windfalls, so not a lot of bruising to the fruit and there is no doubt we will use Strulch in the future.

Adrian Lovatt

Assistant Temperate Curator, Eden Project

We have used Strulch successfully on our Tea Exhibit (currently the only Tea plantation on public display in the UK) for the last 4 years. Tea plants(Camellia ainensis) require continuous soil moisture especially during the summer months and weed free conditions. Strulch provides these conditions and is long lasting with only light top up of fresh Strulch needed once a year. Our tea plantation is authentically grown on a severe slope nearing 45 degrees. The strulch once wetted and settled down stays in place remarkably well on such an extreme slope.

Jim England

Superintendant of Trials at the RHS Garden Wisley

Last year we used Strulch on our rhubarb beds and this year we did a full trial using Strulch around two varieties of Iris and in a wetland planting area. Strulch worked extremely well, no weeds came through and it looked neat and tidy on the surface. It was light and easy to spread and didn't blow around. It is lasting very well at the end of the first season and looks likely to last for the full two years with little or no topping up. Another benefit we found was that Strulch stopped the ground from compacting after irrigation.

Kirsty King

BBC Ground Force Co-Presenter Africa Garden at The British Museum 2005

I first discovered Strulch at the famous Eden Project. It looked great in the Tropical Zone, really showing off the plants but with a true natural feel. At Ground Force we liked to introduce our viewers to new and exciting products that genuinly have something new and positive to offer. Strulch definitely fits into this category - a true gardeners friend.