The weather in Yorkshire has improved and we are starting to prepare our garden for Spring. We will of course top up the Strulch where it is needed.

Mulching has always been good gardening practice and articles in the media are recommending it to readers.

Strulch around snowdrops in winter

Graham Dillamore, Deputy Head of Gardens and Estates at Historic Royal Palaces said.

"Last spring, we used a mulch in the King’s Privy Garden at Hampton Court. There are large areas of bare soil on view, which does us no favours when it comes to maintenance. The mulch snuffed out many of the weeds, improved the appearance and, importantly, retained moisture".

Cecily with Strulch at Hampton Court

Alan Titchmarsh, in his Daily Express article recommended mulching around roses he said "Mulch with a six to eight centimetre layer of garden compost or Strulch to effectively lock in moisture and suppress weeds."

Thank you for your continued donations to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust there have been more orphans this year than ever before.

Elephants in Kenya - © Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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Happy Gardening!
Jackie and Geoff