I wanted to share a completely unexpected bonus use of the Strulch - my garden crops are benefiting from it immensely, and we have a few bags left over after Strulching our raised beds.

Last night we had a huge sudden deluge of rain, the driveway drain blocked from a profusion of wisteria blooms and water started pouring into the lower level of our house as the drain entrance was plugged with the debris. My husband quickly grabbed the bags of Strulch off the pallet in the driveway and blocked the entryway and the water stopped dead in its tracks, saving us from a serious basement flooding situation!

I wish I had taken a photo of how well it held back the water. This photo is from this morning after we cleared the drain and the small lake of water dissipated. The Strulch bags completely stopped the water from flowing and at a fraction of the weight of sandbags were quick and easy to put into position! Maybe a secondary selling point for you!?

- Katherine, a very relieved Strulch customer


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