Guardian columnist and gardener who also writes about food, Alys Fowler, featured our Strulch garden mulch in her recent article about growing swiss chard.

In the article, published on the 15th July, Alys Fowler discussed how swiss chard is a vegetable every cook should grow and how it’s not too late to start planting yours at this time of the year. Swiss chard is generally at its best between July and November but can grow all year round.

Alys Fowler of The Guardian recommends Strulch

Once your swiss chard has been planted and has begun to establish itself in your garden, it’s time to add your Strulch garden mulch to their base. Swiss chard like to be heavily watered and Strulch helps to retain the moisture. It does this by reducing water loss from evaporation, this is especially important during summer months.

Alys recommends using our straw garden mulch for the mulching process and adds it will “also prevent the ground from freezing in later months, and with a little fleece to hand, you should be able to get it right through the winter.”

Strulch Keeps Away the Slugs

The article also discussed how swiss chard is tempting to slugs. This is another reason to use our Strulch garden mulch around the base as slugs don’t like it. The physical properties of Strulch together with the embedded minerals deters slugs. It causes them no harm but it does irritate them helping to keep slugs away from your swiss chard and any other plants or vegetables you have in your garden

Swiss chard can be boiled, braised, steamed or sautéed. It’s a great leafy green vegetable to help you get your 5-a-day.

You can purchase your Strulch garden mulch here or click here to find your local garden centre stockist.

Read Alys Fowler’s full article in The Guardian “It’s not too late to plant swiss chard” here.