We appeared in The Sunday Telegraph Gardening section yesterday. Bunny Guinness wrote about us. Thank you Bunny for helping us spread the word about our product. There is also a readers offer for small orders at gardenshop.telegraph.co.uk/strulch or call 01344 578009

It was in the printed version of the newspaper and for those who have the Telegraph App but I haven't worked out how to make a link to it. Perhaps it is designed that way?

So here is a transcript of what was said:-

Entitled 'Grasping at Straws' Bunny wrote ....

The other straw related product that I am trying this year ( after glowing references from Arabella Lennox Boyd) is Strulch. This mulch was developed at Leeds University and patented by soil scientist Geoff Whiteley in 2004. Jackie, his wife, runs the business. Strulch is made from chopped and treated wheat straw, with added minerals that preserve it so that it lasts a good two years. Strulch is light in weight and reduces weed growth dramatically, blocking the light to prevent weed seeds from germinating. It also deters slugs and snails.
Trevor Jones, head gardener at Alnwick is a fan " Each year we apply a layer of strulch over beds to protect the emerging delphinium shoots and leaf spikes of our hostas. Our delphiniums grow away to make strong healthy plants and our hosta foliage remains intact through the summer rather than looking like lace curtains by early summer. Strulch also helps to retain moisture in the soil as it decomposes" he says.
Worm populations increase markedly, as with many organic mulches. Strulch is also ideal for last minute titivating to borders before a garden opening or party. Bunny Guiness Sunday Telegraph 25th January 2015.