Terstan Garden uses Strulch

We regularly receive glowing testimonials about our Strulch, garden mulch. We were delighted when Sandy and Penny of Terstan Garden in Hampshire shared their great experiences when using Strulch in their garden.

Terstan Garden (Hampshire) has been made by Sandy and Penny Burnfield over more than 40 years, starting from a wilderness of rank weeds and household rubbish. An acre of ground has been slowly developed around a small brick cottage. The result is a spectacular garden in a beautiful setting with profuse, colourful and exuberant planting. Penny is an artist and writer and she has an eye for design, colour and texture.

There is harmony and contrast, vistas, an unusual gravel garden, shady and sunny areas, a maze-like kitchen-and-cutting garden, a constantly changing display of flowers and foliage in pots, and lots of unusual plants. Terstan is surrounded by views across the River Test to Stockbridge Down and visitors can relax on one of the many seats and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Live summer music is often featured on NGS Open Days, as is tea and excellent home-made cake.

The garden has opened to visitors for the National Garden Scheme (NGS) and private visits since 2011. Last year it had over 800 visitors and raised about £5500 for the NGS charities. Sandy and Penny enjoy the opportunity to share their garden, and find it fun to meet all sorts of gardeners from experts to complete beginners.


Here are the kind words Penny shared about Strulch:

I’m now using my 4th batch of Strulch.

I find that is it:

  • Light and easy to handle. A large area can be covered quickly
    Looks pleasant
    Effectively smothers small annual weeds, which saves a lot of labour.
    Discourages slugs and snails.