Strulch Garden Mulch will keep mositure in the soil.

Water is a precious commodity and it seems we are experiencing the hottest summer since records began!

This is bad news for gardeners trying to keep plants from shrivelling up! Apart from a daily rigorous watering regime what else can we do? Mulching will reduce moisture loss considerably. Ideally, you would have done this earlier in the season, but it can still be done now if you follow this advice. When the sun has moved off the chosen area, soak the beds with water and then apply a mulch such as Strulch Garden Mulch. Water it in to let it settle. The Strulch keeps moisture in the soil as it reduces evaporation.

Strulch Garden Mulch used on a raised vegetable bed.

Will there be a Hose Pipe Ban?

We don't know if hose pipe bans are on the way, but reservoirs are dangerously low. If there is a hose pipe ban Strulch will mean less time spent filling watering cans and overall will save water and keep the cost down on your water meter. We have a mixed garden with an herbaceous border and raised vegetable beds. I am determined to keep my crops healthy. Some of my spinach has bolted with the heat but the swiss chard is doing well and I have had repeated sowings of lettuce. Our mange tout only produced one picking but the climbing beans are flourishing. The green house tomatoes have struggled but we have been sharing the lunch box cucumbers with the neighbourhood! Its good to share and to enjoy a chat about our favourite topic -the weather! If you have any questions about mulching give me a call Tel 01943 863610 or email [email protected]