Prevent weeds with Strulch

Spending time weeding your garden can take up large amounts of the day and it can feel like it’s never ending. You finally finish getting all the weeds out of your garden and you have to start again. It’s hugely frustrating. This is where using Strulch garden mulch can save you time weeding.

Once you have cleared your garden of weeds over the early spring months, spread Strulch around plants and shrubs ( leaving a collar of space around woody stems) and over the following months there will be hardly any weed growth. This is because Strulch inhibits weed germination by blocking out the light.

Prevent weeds from growing

Strulch uses a mineralisation process which inhibits the rate that straw breaks down. This creates a long lasting barrier to light for up to two years.

One avid gardener who uses Strulch regularly in her garden recently shared this with us:

“I have used Strulch for years and find it much easier to use than other mulches. It’s lighter, which is important as I get older.

As the sole weeder in our half acre garden it has saved me days of weeding each season, I clear beds of perennial weeds each spring, mulch with Strulch, then I can forget about weeding for the rest of the growing season!” L. Buckwell, Suffolk.

We like to share these comments from our customers. We know that for many of our customers, weeding is not their favorite pastime and they really want to spend time growing and nurturing plants as well as enjoying the look of their garden.

To find out more about Strulch and how it can prevent weeds click here.