Report Recommends Gardening Is Put at The Heart of Government Policy

In a recent article on the Daily Telegraph, their Chief Political Correspondent, Christopher Hope, shared how a report from the Conservative Environment Network recommended gardening needs to be put at the heart of Government Policymaking. The report which is backed by the Prime Minister Teresa May, is also supported by us here at Strulch.

The report recommends gardening should be adopted as a policy in a wide range of government departments. Some of the benefits it suggests gardening provides are to cut down on childhood obesity, improve public spaces, help people deal with mental stress and can also provide a purpose for prisoners in jails.

We would agree with all of these and more as benefits of gardening. We believe gardening is a great way to keep your body active and depending on the size of your garden and the amount of work which needs doing it can be quite a workout!

There are also the mental benefits of being outside. On top of this you have the feeling of accomplishment when your garden is looking good.

For many gardeners there is an education side to gardening, as they learn what works where and when in their garden throughout the changing seasons. This helps to keep your mind active.

Of course, for all gardeners we recommend you add our Strulch garden mulch to your garden. There are many benefits of Strulch but one of the favourite reason from our customers is Strulch helps to prevent the regrowth of weeds. This means once the hard work is done you can spend more time enjoying your garden!

We are delighted the government is being recommended to add gardening into its policies and this is a story we will be following closely over the coming months.

Do you agree the government should add gardening to its policies?