Pengethley Garden Centre, Herfordshire, Strulch Stockist

We are pleased to welcome Pengethley Garden Centre as a new Strulch stockist in Herefordshire.

Much like ourselves and many of our customers, Pengethley Garden Centre are huge fans of good quality plants. This is evident in their Planteria where they stock a wide range of plants for your garden. Strulch is especially popular for plant lovers as it helps to keep the weeds at bay alongside retaining the moisture in your plants and in the soil. This leads to healthy plant growth and helps to create a beautiful garden all year round.

Grow Healthy Plants

By placing a thin layer of Strulch across your soil your plants will begin to grow healthier. This is due to two unique aspects of our garden mulch, the first is Strulch helps to retain the water which is already in your soil. This reduces the need for constant watering and also prevents any water which is already in the soil from evaporating. Secondly, Strulch has a low hold of water and allows rain water to get into the soil, again this helps your plants to flourish. Using Strulch in your garden gives your soil extra nutrients for a healthy and enriched garden.

As a product Strulch can help your garden in so many ways, this is why it is so good and enjoyed by so many people! Recently top UK gardener, Bunny Guinness, wrote about us again when sharing a story about her winter gardening habits, you can read more about what she said here.

Since 1995 Pengethley Garden Centre has been owned by Chris and Shirley Taylor. They have spent time improving and updating their shopping experience for their customers and we are delighted to welcome them as a Strulch stockist. You can find more details for how to contact Pengethley Garden Centre on our Strulch stockists page.