There are many reasons why mulching is good gardening practice. This year has seen a record low rainfall in some parts of the country.

Strulch will keep moisture in the soil but always saturate the soil before laying any mulch.

A key benefit of using Strulch is that it reduces weed growth by 95%.

It blocks light which is needed for germination of annual weeds, and it is long lasting- up to 2 years. It is eventually broken down by the soil animals-a food source for earthworms etc whilst also adding vital nutrients to the soil and improving soil structure and drainage.

A good investment to take the hard work out of gardening. Remove visible weeds before laying Strulch.

All bulbs and perennial plants will grow through Strulch, and it can be part of a no dig gardening regime.

Strulch as an organic slug and snail control.

Which? named Strulch as its Best Buy Garden Mulch several years ago and has just reported its results for organic slug and snail controls. Strulch was recommended, scoring highly for durability and percentage of leaves damaged by the end of the trial. Pleasing results as slug and snail deterrence is only one of the benefits of using Strulch. Slugs and snails dislike the texture and smell of Strulch but it doesn’t harm them so birds and hedgehogs can still eat them.

Strulch is versatile and can be used anywhere in the garden.