Thank you for Duncan for sending us a photo from Floors Castle in Scotland who are using Strulch in their No Dig soil regeneration for their vegetable gardens.

Their sign reads:

No Dig

In Spring of 2021, we started a "no-dig" in the vegetable garden

  • * We will add compost & organic matter on top of the beds each year;
  • * this will take a least three years to get going;
  • * it will allow the soil to regenerate, promote our fantastic earthworm community, encourage all the beneficial microryza bacteria + help prevent to spread of soil borne diseases;

* We have used a number of mulches

  • Strulch - mineralised wheat straw
  • PPX - plastic woven porous sheeting
  • Cardboard - as a weeding matting covered with Strulch

* We will no longer be rotovating the beds!

It's now widely accepted that less soil disturbance by gardening using a No Dig method not only improves soil structure, maintains the soil bacteria and fungi ecosystems important for plants to access nutrients and also reduces loss of carbon which is released when soil is turned and dies out.

It can take a couple of years for an ecosystem to recover from soil tillage and once done you'll have stronger and healthier plants.

If you see Strulch out and about, or even in your own garden, we'd love to see photos of it and learn how you use it.