Alan Titchmarsh, seen at the Chelsea Flower Show in May CREDIT: Yui Mok/PA.

Alan Titchmarsh recently shared his thoughts on various gardening practices, including the rather contentious topic of slugs! In his latest article, "Slugs are my friends? Don’t be ridiculous!" He highlights his pragmatic approach to organic gardening and how he achieves a balanced, nature-friendly garden.

The Slug Debate: Friend or Foe?

Alan takes a candid stance on slugs and despite his commitment to organic gardening, he draws the line at befriending these molluscs. The Royal Horticultural Society's recent suggestion to "make friends with molluscs" doesn’t sit well with him, comparing slugs to bed bugs and ticks. For him, the battle against slugs is a nightly ritual, like many of us, creeping around the garden by torchlight to remove them from the plants.

Strulch, with its slug-deterrent properties, helps protect plants while enriching the soil. It’s an ideal solution for those who share Titchmarsh’s reluctance to embrace slugs as friends but still wish to garden in a sustainable and organic way.

So what do you think ... .Slugs, are they friend or foe?

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