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March 2018

Alice Bowe’s article in The Times recommends Strulch garden mulch to make winter flowers last longer.

Spring gardening, protect lupins and delphiniums from slug damage with strulch garden mulch

Beast from the East or Pest from the West?

The bad weather has certainly delayed Spring in Yorkshire! Today has been much warmer and tempted us to get into the garden.  Geoff has topped up the Strulch, protecting new shoots from slugs and preventing weed germination at the same time.

Gardening is very satisfying but it is also a big investment. We started our current garden from scratch in 2014 adding many new plants. This picture from May last year shows our success at growing delphiniums and lupins which slugs love to devour!  Mulching is a good investment but not everyone appreciates the benefits.

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