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December 2013

Strulch goes to the RHS Flower Show at BBC Gardener’s World Live again!

Garden designer John Cavill used Strulch on his Silver Award winning garden at BBC Gardeners World Live this year. You may remember my post about the smallest ever show garden! We were delighted that he used Strulch in the scheme. This year he is teaming up with a young man called Harry Ward aged 15 years who is well on his way to being an expert gardener. We are delighted to sponsor their garden 'Down the Garden' View their design at:



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Is your garden soil becoming more alkaline ?

pH chart

Just before Christmas a customer asked if Strulch would make his garden more alkaline. Geoff gave him a comprehensive answer which I thought might be of intersst to others. As a soil scientist Geoff is very familiar with soil pH and soil health. Our customer had been working a naturally acidic soil but the pH had been rising causing problems for acid loving plants.  In his case the liberal and prolonged use of mushroom compost was the likely cause because mushroom growers use chalk or similar materials in the casing layer to produce mushrooms. This is an alkaline material and will alter the soil pH. Green waste compost and manure also tend to be alkaline but mushroom compost is particularly problematic because of the addition of calcium carbonate which is a liming agent. These materials are only an issue where an acid soil is preferred. Strulch has a nuetral pH of 6.5 and so can be used safely on any soil and will not increase the alkalinity..

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Protect your valuable plant roots

I know that many of you are still working on your garden as we continue to send pallets of Strulch out in December. It is time to protect valuable plant roots with a good layer of Strulch and put the garden to bed for the winter. Use the 'strulchit' promo code for a 5% discount. Here in Yorkshire we haven't had a hard frost yet or any snow but it will soon be here. I'm going to buy a Christmas tree today!

 Best wishes  Jackie



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