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September 2012

Strulch Garden Mulch And The Garden Which Is A Tribute To Sir Joseph Banks

Sir Joseph Banks 1743-1820 Sailed to Australia with Captain Cook and transformed Kew Gardens into a Botanic Garden of world renown. His presidency of the Royal Society enabled him to promote the importance of botanic exploration and plant experiementation. He came from Lincolnshire and there is a garden at the Sir Joseph Banks Centre in Horncastle which includes some of the plants he brought back from his travels. You can also see Strulch on their raised beds in the courtyard garden.

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Strulch Goes To RHS Hampton Court Flower Show!

We are proud to announce that Strulch Garden Mulch will be showcased again at The RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 3rd till 8th July 2012 at the Las Mariposas Garden. There is an important message conveyed in the design of the garden :

Las Mariposas (Hopes of a Nicaraguan girl)

  • Designed by Robert Kennett
  • Built by Greenhaven Landscapes

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New Gardens Trialling Strulch

This month  two new gardens will be trailling Strulch. Harewood House in Yorkshire will be using Strulch in their rose garden and Strulch will be used by The Princes Foundation at The Prince's Garden at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, Herts. More information on

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Alys Fowler: Garden Foes- An Article In The Guardian- Recommends Strulch As A Remedy.

This year's dry weather, cool nights and warm days have meant some foes have fared better than others. Pity the poor slugs that have spent this summer desperately seeking moisture. Actually don't – surprisingly, slugs spend only 5-10% of their time above ground, the rest they are hidden below, still eating, still sliming (both actually good for the soil). So although there may seem to be fewer slugs, they're there. Snails, however, have that shell, which means they don't dry out quite so quickly and thus you'll still be finding plenty of them. If it does dry out, they retreat into the shell, seal it with a leathery capping and stay there for up to four years until moisture levels rise again – clever. It's up to you how you rid yourself of them, though throwing them over to the neighbours' doesn't work. Both slugs and snails have a homing device and can travel up to a mile at night, so they will be back. Flea beetles are munching fast at the moment. These shiny, tiny, tinted greenish blue-black jumping beetles love all things brassica related – rocket, radishes, turnips, mustards, oriental greens, swedes, kales and wallflowers. They make tiny holes, 2-3mm wide, all over young seedlings. Damage is often worse when the weather and soil are dry.
To keep them at bay, cover crops with Enviromesh (a fine mesh) or fleece; do this before seedlings emerge otherwise you will trap the beetles under the netting. Or take a sheet of paper, paint honey on half, then brush the non-sticky side over the crop; the beetles leap and get stuck. It's hit and miss, but small children may enjoy the macabre spectacle. Mildews, particularly powdery mildew, are appearing on courgettes, cucumbers, gooseberries, honeysuckles, grapes and some daisies. This appears as a white mould on the upper and lower surfaces of leaves. Powdery mildew is worse in dry conditions with poor air circulation (so don't overcrowd). Spraying the leaf with milk and water can help, but you need to do it every day.

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The Guardian. Earth To Alys Series- Alys On Mulching In The Veg Garden With Strulch!

Alys on mulching the veg garden It's a good idea to start thinking about mulching the vegetable garden (raised beds and all) particularly around established vegetables. Mulch now, and you'll save on weeding and help conserve moisture. Use something light. I'd advise against bark – unless it's properly rotted down it can cause nitrogen lock-up and it harbours slugs. Straw can be very effective, particularly for conserving moisture, but in a wet summer it will become a slug haven. It does keep your boots nice and clean though. My favourite is grass clippings, they are free and effective. Grass that has just been cut can get hot as it starts to break down (particularly if it has been stored in a plastic green recycling bag). Lay it out in the sun to dry, cool it down and spread it around. It's particularly good for mulching potatoes, squashes, pumpkins and courgettes. As it rots, it will add valuable nitrogen. The next step up is to use Strulch, a mineralised straw product. It's not cheap, but it suppresses weeds incredibly effectively and has a poor capacity to hold water, so rain runs straight through to the soil. Thus the surface stays dry, which helps keep the slugs away. It doesn't rot down for two years or so. It's best used around fruit trees, fruit bushes and perennial vegetables.

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Here It Is The Strulch Viral Marketing Campaign.- A New Force For Good In The World!

I told you last year that following advice from Dave Stewart we decided to try a new way of reaching customers. A new audience and one possibly more in tune with 'the web'. We have been very fortunate in our customers so far but to grow the business we need to get the message out there. We know it’s good because you have told and our challenge to get more people using Strulch and to do it cost effectively. This is a bit of creative fun. Happy Mulching Jackie   Wiggly Wigglers have  produced a video about Strulch too!

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Help Comes From An Unusual Source- Dave Stewart Rock Star And Creative Genius!

Last year Jackie won a Business Link competition and received her award at The International Business Conference in Harrogate. One of the guest speakers was Dave Stewart ( one time Eurythmics). Not only is Dave a super star musician, he also advises the likes of Nokia. His talk centred around being creative in business and how ideas can germinate. He offered to comment on marketing issues faced by small business and Jackie sent him an email and he suggested a new way of interfacing with Strulch customers. Jackie's emails and Dave's response appear in Dave's new book which is Waterstone's and WHSmith's Business Book of the Month called 'The Business Palyground where Creativity and Commerce Collide' Jackie said 'I was delighted with Dave's suggestion and with the help of Business Link  and Sheffield Hallam University the hybrid idea stemming from Dave's suggestion will be launched in the new year'.

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Jackie Named As One Of Yorkshire’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs

Jackie Whiteley was named one of Yorkshire's top 100 entrpreneurs in The Yorkshire Post. The survey was sponsored by Coutts Bank and Grant Thornton. Jackie said  'I am delighted to have been recognised in this way and that Strulch is proving to be so popular amongst professional and amateur gardeners'

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