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August 2011

The Daily Telegraph Gardening Page- For You, Weeds, The War Is Over

Weeding weapon: Strulch

Jean Vernon

Jean Vernon chooses the best of the weedbusters
It's not just the garden plants that are romping away in the borders. Weeds are making the most of the warmer, wetter weather and colonising any bare patch of soil. Time spent dealing with these culprits now will be man-hours well spent.
Reap the benefits
Applying a surface mulch does wonders for the border. Strulch is made from organic shredded straw that has been treated with minerals. It smells sweet, is light and easy to handle, and stops the soil from drying out if applied to saturated soil.
Price around £6.99 per 100l pack from garden centres, the manufacturer (01943 863610; or the Gardening Catalogue (0845 130 1304;

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