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Mags Long

I can not praise your product highly enough . Took delivery of a pallet load a few weeks ago and all now distributed around our acre garden . Very impressed with light structure of Strulch enabling this ancient gardener to transport bags without help ! Strulch is so easy to use and definitely does everything it says it will . Stray perennial weeds are definitely weakened and we've had no slug damage to strawberries , delphiniums etc. Am also sure our camellias and other acid loving shrubs are the best ever . It is easy to walk over Strulch for planting . I am amazed it stays in place despite our Dartmoor winds !Have never been inspired to praise a garden product before but am recommending Strulch to all our friends and to our local Garden Centre .Will be ordering a further pallet soon !

Sue Makin

As a wildlife friendly organic gardener I could not recommend Strulch more highly. When we open our garden for the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and other charities or in the presentations I give on organic wildlife - supportive gardening Strulch is the product I recommend most. It even beats Comfrey and any organic gardener knows how great that is. If there was anything in my garden I could not do without it's Strulch! Forget the slug pellets, backbreaking weeding, winter plant loss through low temperatures and lack of insulation and put away the hose. Use Strulch!

Charlotte Scott

Wonderful product. Easy to use and attractive and REALLY works- any weeds are easy to remove and most are suppressed, None of my hostas or other slug/snail sensitive plants have been eaten yet and the garden looks lovely. I weeded today and it took a few minutes t do a huge bed and that was mainly growing in from the untamed lawn- my husband's department! I agree it needs instant watering if it is windy to stop it blowing away- it doesn't blow away after first application though! Thank you

Elaine Pattinson

When we first moved into our property, nine years ago, we had a severe ground elder problem. We discovered strulch a few years ago and are delighted at the way in which it has not only almost eliminated weeding but also has improved the condition of the soil. The friendly and efficient customer service has been appreciated

It’s Brilliant!

It's brilliant! The place where I haven't used Strulch weeds have come through and the tilth is not nearly as good. Strulch makes all the difference. Mary Ann Sutherland ( Norfolk)

A Garden in The Clacton Coastal Strip

I have a garden that is large and over ambitious for the amount of labour available. I find that Strulch saves a lot of weeding and keeps moisture in the soil. I live in the driest part of Britain on the Clacton Coastal Strip.. Sally Hepher

Eloise Walduck uses Strulch

A very lightweight organic mulch that looks great and has dual purpose. We are really pleased and would recommend highly .

Nikki Griffith

After reading about Strulch in a gardening magazine we bought what seemed a mountain of bags, which sat on our front drive slowly diminishing in height whilst I spread the Strulch over our garden. (Do not attempt on windy days!) To say that it cuts down on weeding is an under statement and has the added advantage of putting off the dreaded slugs. Can you not find something that gets rid of greenflies too please?! It has been a godsend as I have a trapped sciatic nerve so anything that helps me in the garden I cannot recommend too highly. It is easy to use, blends in perfectly and does what it says on the box. I will definitely be ordering more.

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