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Paul Bayley

This year we decided to try 'earthing up' our potatoes with Strulch. The potatoes were planted in the compost in our beds and then Strulch added on top as needed. When we came to harvest them the potatoes were easily retrieved by removing the Strulch with very little digging (as you can see in the photo). We had seen someone on the internet growing potatoes by laying the seed potatoes on the compost and then covering them with grass clippings, then just harvesting them by pulling them out of the grass! So, next year we will try just laying the potatoes on the compost and covering with Strulch - we should then be able to harvest without any digging! Once finished the Strulch can always be reused on your borders for that autumn mulch, so no waste.

Andrea Collins

I didn't expect my garden helper to spread it over the whole garden! Still, I can always scrape some away when I need to plant something! I've orderd some more

Charles Bradley

Subject: Strulch going down a storm in Cheshire! Good afternoon to both of you. Last Sunday, I ordered our THIRD pallet of 48 bags this year for Tarvin Ga\rdening Society! All have been delivered very rapidly (indeed, more rapidly than you suggested might be the case) and I have to say that you are being very well-served by Palletline - all were delivered without problems and their drivers have been exceedingly helpful. Offering the bags to our Gardening Society members (at the price that we buy them from you) has resulted in them disappearing very rapidly - of the 48 delivered last Thursday afternoon, I have just 5 bags to be collected today and the last 2 to be picked up tomorrow! Strulch is really easy to sell - and it really is a wonderful product in the garden! People who bought a bag from the first load have been coming back for 6 or 8 from subsequent deliveries! Thank you most sincerely, from the happy gardeners of Tarvin, Cheshire! You have a great product and you're doing a grand job! Best wishes, Charles Bradley.

Philip A Rigby

In simple terms - it's just bloody brilliant !

Liz Rentzsch Garden Design

I am completely converted to strulch ! I use on clients beds and borders and it really is great for top dressing pots. Big plus it’s light to carry and use. Great for a mulch around Roses too.

Penny Carey

Our rear garden is slightly bigger than a tennis court with 8 or so beds filled with a mixture of shrubs and perennials. We bought 25 large bags of Strulch last year and covered every bed. It was so easy to use and is still going strong over a year later. A big big plus for us was that the dogs could walk all over it and didn't come in with muddy paws,as they would have done if we had used compost. I've just ordered another 12 bags for the front. I am a total fan!!

Claire White

Strulch really is a wonder product ! . I have recommended it to all my gardening friends. Hope the orders rush in ..... Claire, Devon

Simon Thompson

We have been using Strulch on our Stockport planting borders for the past 2 years and we love it. Easy to distribute and great coverage. Lay it down let it get wet and it will mat together. Brilliant natural thoroughly weed suppressing and repellant to slugs and snails we now get far fewer. No more nighttimes with the salt pot. Looks great too. Birds like it presumably for nesting. Think its insect friendly. Love it.

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