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It’s Brilliant!

It's brilliant! The place where I haven't used Strulch weeds have come through and the tilth is not nearly as good. Strulch makes all the difference. Mary Ann Sutherland ( Norfolk)

A Garden in The Clacton Coastal Strip

I have a garden that is large and over ambitious for the amount of labour available. I find that Strulch saves a lot of weeding and keeps moisture in the soil. I live in the driest part of Britain on the Clacton Coastal Strip.. Sally Hepher

Eloise Walduck uses Strulch

A very lightweight organic mulch that looks great and has dual purpose. We are really pleased and would recommend highly .

Nikki Griffith

After reading about Strulch in a gardening magazine we bought what seemed a mountain of bags, which sat on our front drive slowly diminishing in height whilst I spread the Strulch over our garden. (Do not attempt on windy days!) To say that it cuts down on weeding is an under statement and has the added advantage of putting off the dreaded slugs. Can you not find something that gets rid of greenflies too please?! It has been a godsend as I have a trapped sciatic nerve so anything that helps me in the garden I cannot recommend too highly. It is easy to use, blends in perfectly and does what it says on the box. I will definitely be ordering more.

Valerie Coombs

Morning, following the article in The English Garden magazine where Strulch came out top in a mulch test I have been determined to mulch with it this autumn and my delivery arrived yesterday and I am going to start some parts today. I already love the weight of the product as I have a dodgy back and that is a bonus. I have a very tiny garden full to the brim and only 2 years in the making but I am opening to the public next year under the NGS scheme so I am hoping you and the RHS plus others that love are right in your faith and here goes. .......Started to spread the Strulch and 1st thoughts are easy so very easy !! and it is spreading so far even with a thick layer, also good around smaller plants that have just been put in, and very good on my back which for a gardener with problems is fairly crucial. I will post some pictures soon.

Strulch at Floors Castle Kelso

Hi A few pictures of Strulch in use at Floors Castle Gardens. Pics here show our nuresry area and apple tree line in the Millennium garden. Once Strulch is applied we can be fairly confident that it will stay weed free. Yours Andrew Simmons Head Gardener

R. McFarland

We have used Strulch in all areas of our garden for a number of years and find it much better than any other type of mulch. We live in Northern Ireland where we get a lot of rain and found that moss grew on bark mulch. We don't have any such problem with Strulch. It is light to use but doesn't blow away. We use it round flowers , fruit and vegetables and even in pots. It cuts down on a lot of weeding. We would highly recommend it. R.McF.

Lynne Jackson

As a gardener of many years I became aware of Strulch some 5 years ago when we had started our new garden. We have a large garden - over an acre - and open under the National Garden Scheme. It really helps me to keep control of a very weedy garden and maintain it to the standard required for opening. We garden on clay and until recently I had not noticed that my delphiniums always came through without slug damage. This must have been down to the Strulch over the years. I hope that the new formula makes it even more effective with the Hostas. The neat appearance of the garden when mulched always causes comment when we have visitors and we are constantly asked for information about it. To begin with I was a little apprehensive about the size of the bags but I find they are quite easy to lift and manage and the large white bags are really useful when recycled in the garden.

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