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February 2016

Bodmin Herb Nursery New Stockists of Strulch Garden Mulch

We are delighted to share with you that Bodmin Herb Nursery are now stockists of our Strulch garden mulch.

Bodmin Herb Nusery are specialists in herbs and herbaceous perennials.  When you visit their nursery you will find they have hundreds of varieties of herbs available and thousands of flowering perennials.  On top of that they also stock shrubs, bedding and hanging plants plus lots more items to help make your garden look wonderful.  Their team can provide you with expert advice and are always happy to help you with any gardening queries or questions.

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Pengethley Garden Centre - A New Stockist in Herefordshire

Pengethley Garden Centre, Herfordshire, Strulch Stockist

We are pleased to welcome Pengethley Garden Centre as a new Strulch stockist in Herefordshire. 

Much like ourselves and many of our customers, Pengethley Garden Centre are huge fans of good quality plants.  This is evident in their Planteria where they stock a wide range of plants for your garden.  Strulch is especially popular for plant lovers as it helps to keep the weeds at bay alongside retaining the moisture in your plants and in the soil.  This leads to healthy plant growth and helps to create a beautiful garden all year round.


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Anne Says ‘I couldn’t recommend it more highly’ The it being Strulch Garden Mulch!

I have tried many different types of mulch on my garden over the past 20 years but I have never found one as effective and easy to apply as Strulch.
I have applied tons ( and I really do mean tons!) of shredded bark recycled garden compost etc and it all looks ok for about 6 months but within a year it is gone. So soul-destroying as although it was better than nothing it was expensive , it was heavy to apply and always brought it's own brand of weed seedlings!
A few years ago I was visiting a large garden and they were using Strulch to mulch around their plants. I was intrigued by the look of it and it seemed so light and easy to apply that I couldn't help being sceptical as it seemed too good to be true - especially as the gardener using it assured me it worked really well and lasted much longer than traditional mulch materials. However, I was so desperate to find something to cut down my workload in the garden that I decided I must try it.

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Save time weeding by using Strulch

Prevent weeds with Strulch

Spending time weeding your garden can take up large amounts of the day and it can feel like it’s never ending. You finally finish getting all the weeds out of your garden and you have to start again. It’s hugely frustrating. This is where using Strulch garden mulch can save you time weeding.

Once you have cleared your garden of weeds over the early spring months, spread Strulch around plants and shrubs ( leaving a collar of space around woody stems) and over the following months there will be hardly any weed growth.  This is because Strulch inhibits weed germination by blocking out the light.  

Prevent weeds from growing

Strulch uses a mineralisation process which inhibits the rate that straw breaks down. This creates a long lasting barrier to light for up to two years.

One avid gardener who uses Strulch regularly in her garden recently shared this with us:

“I have used Strulch for years and find it much easier to use than other mulches.  It’s lighter, which is important as I get older.

As the sole weeder in our half acre garden it has saved me days of weeding each season, I clear beds of perennial weeds each spring, mulch with Strulch, then I can forget about weeding for the rest of the growing season!” L. Buckwell, Suffolk.

We like to share these comments from our customers. We know that for many of our customers, weeding is not their favourite pastime and they really want to spend time growing and nurturing plants as well as enjoying the look of their garden.

To find out more about Strulch and how it can prevent weeds click here.

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Scotland Nurseries in Matlock, Derbyshire are a new Strulch stockist

Scotland Nurseries, Matlock, Derbyshire, Strulch Stockists

We are pleased to confirm Scotland Nurseries in Matlock, Derbyshire will be stockists of our Strulch garden mulch from late March 2016.  Now is the ideal time to start thinking about making changes, improvements and tidying up your garden.

In the run up to spring it is a good time to start thinking about preparing your garden for the summer months.  This means you will be able to enjoy your time in the garden when the weather gets warmer (we hope). 

Scotland nurseries stock a vast number of plants and they are always happy to help their customers pick the right plants for their gardens.  Strulch is a great addition to any garden, keeping weeds at bay and protecting them from slugs and snails.

Healthy Soil and Plants

Strulch garden mulch is biodegradable and will break down over time when added  to your garden, thus adding valuable organic matter and nutrients to enrich your soil, improve drainage and make your plants grow healthily. When the spring and summer months arrive, your efforts will be rewarded. Strulch looks good and there will be much much less weeding to do!

It is a real delight to have Scotland Nurseries as a new stockist in the Matlock area.  They are a long established company trading since the 1800’s!  In 1966, they applied for and were awarded the Royal Warrant by the Queen, as a result of supplying several Royal gardens for many years.  It is fantastic for us to be associated with Scotland Nurseries and look forward to welcoming them as a stockist in late March 2016.

You can find more details on our Strulch stockists page.

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London gardener uses Strulch Garden Mulch in client’s gardens

Strulch Garden Mulch

At Strulch we are always grateful to receive positive feedback about our garden mulch. Having developed our straw garden mulch at Leeds University over 10 years ago, it is good to receive testimonials from our  customers. Creating this product has been a labour of love and we are proud when we find out that experienced gardeners and garden designers across the country are using it to improve their client's gardens.

Recently we were contacted by a London based garden designer who has been using Strulch garden mulch in a number of her client's gardens. One of the points she made made is how useful Strulch was when foxes had damaged the irrigation systems. Strulch helps to retain the moisture around plants and it enriches the soil and soil structure where it is used.

Praise for Strulch

"I use it in several gardens both large and small where the irrigation systems have been destroyed by foxes as it helps retain the moisture in the soil as well as suppress the weeds. My clients are very happy as they end up spending less on maintenance and their pets paws stay clean when the garden’s wet!

Wonderful product, easy to use, really effective against weeds and best of all the bags are light." L.Keyworth, London.

We would love to hear your experiences of using Strulch garden mulch.  If you have a great testimonial or a photo please contact us.

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