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Report Recommends Gardening Is Put at The Heart of Government Policy

In a recent article on the Daily Telegraph, their Chief Political Correspondent, Christopher Hope, shared how a report from the Conservative Environment Network recommended gardening needs to be put at the heart of Government Policymaking.  The report which is backed by the Prime Minister Teresa May, is also supported by us here at Strulch.

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Good News About Strulch and Chrysanthemums

Our Strulch garden mulch has been recommended in the November edition of The English Garden to use around chrysanthemums. The magazine, which is out in October 2017 in the UK, has a large article about growing chrysanthemums during the autumn and winter months.  Strulch is mentioned on page 77.

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Strulch Recommended in The Guardian when growing swiss chard.

Guardian columnist and gardener who also writes about food, Alys Fowler, featured our Strulch garden mulch in her recent article about growing swiss chard.

In the article, published on the 15th July, Alys Fowler discussed how swiss chard is a vegetable every cook should grow and how it’s not too late to start planting yours at this time of the year.  Swiss chard is generally at its best between July and November but can grow all year round.

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Strulch garden mulch as reviewed by Which? magazine

Strulch garden mulch recommended by Which

Strulch garden mulch, Which? review.

We received some exciting news today from one of our customer's, who subscribes to Which? magazine. Strulch garden mulch has been awarded 'Best Buy' by Which? magazine.

Which? state; on their website, that each month they conduct independent and extensive product tests which look at all aspects of performance and specification against exacting criteria. The product that scores the highest mark in this review and awarded ‘Best Buy.’ Strulch garden mulch scored over 80%, whilst it's closest rival garden mulch scored over 70%.


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Nematodes and Strulch -  a good example of the Contemporary Integrated Crop Management (IPM) approach to reducing the use of pesticides.

A nematode is a microscopic worm - Strulch Organic garden mulch

Using nematodes and Strulch to keep slugs under control is a good example the contemporary Integrated Crop Management (IPM) approach to reducing use of pesticides. IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of techniques such as biological control, habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices, and use of resistant varieties.

Controlling Slugs in Your Garden

Using Nematodes can be an effective way of controlling slugs in your garden but results can be patchy an unpredictable. Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of using nematode control methods.


Nematodes are microscopic worms that are well adapted to living in soils. The nematodes used in commercial slug control products are specially selected strains of parasitic species which seek out slugs in the soil, invade and multiply in the slug body and eventually kill the slug by eating them from the inside out (think of Alien film series). Soil inhabiting nematodes have evolved a specialised method of moving through soils by clinging on to the water films that surround soil particles. Their mobility and effectiveness is greatest in well structured, open and particularly sandy soils that are kept moist so that there is a thin film of water kept around the soil particles. Nematode mobility and effectiveness is greatly reduced in heavy clay soils which are compacted, particularly when they are hard and dry.


Making sure that the soil is well cultivated and moist before applying nematodes is a good first step to getting the most of nematode slug control. However, covering the surface with a layer of Strulch after treatment is an excellent way of keeping the soil moist so the nematodes can do their job of seeking out and attacking slugs.

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